Iceberg is a beautiful platform for submitting and judging creativity. Designed with love for advertising and creative competitions.
Gold / 56th Annual Hatch Awards
Client: National Association of Realtors
Agency: Arnold Worldwide

For Everyone

One Account, Many Events

Use your Iceberg account to submit entries to any of the regional, national and international shows using the Iceberg platform.

Powered by

Iceberg is deployed on top of Amazon’s AWS hosting stack.

Secure Checkout

Our secure online checkout accepts VISA®, Mastercard®, and American Express®.

Copy Entries

Copy entries between categories, or between events using the Iceberg platform.

Import Entries

Save time by importing entry details and credits for many entries at once using a spreadsheet.

Online Help

Our North America-based support team is ready to help.

Designed by Event Managers

Concierge Setup Service

A dedicated member of the Iceberg team will work directly with you to setup your event and ensure it’s problem free.

Powered by

Videos on Iceberg are streamed using Vimeo’s HTML5 player and hosted by Vimeo’s video streaming platform.

Analytics and Reports

Beautiful real-time reporting engine featuring graphs and charts, customizable reports, and downloadable spreadsheets with all of your event data.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited support included – no packages or other restrictions. Contact our team in North America directly by phone or email.

Customizable Theme

Easily customize the Iceberg user interface to reflect your event identity and branding.

Powered by

Easily access your event’s original and HD entry files using Dropbox. Perfect for sharing files with partners, creating booklets, or video highlights for your award gala.

Member Pricing

Create custom pricing profiles that your members can easily unlock for members-only pricing at checkout.

Early Bird Pricing

Give entrants access to early bird discounts or last call pricing to get the most out of your call for entries.

Promo Codes

Create customized promo codes at any time. You can create percentage or dollar value discounts, configure usuage caps, and expiry dates.

Multiple Scoring Formats

Choose from one of three scoring systems for each round: thumbs up/down, rate on a 0-5 scale, or rate using a percentage score. There is no limit on the number of rounds.

Custom Judge Assignments

Organize entries into customizable groups and assign judges, or groups of judges to score the work. Assign judges to specific categories, specific rounds, or custom confirguration.

International Currency Support

Iceberg can collect fees in many different currencies including: USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, and Euros.

People's Choice Voting

Use Iceberg to power People’s Choice categories and enable secure public voting with fraud monitoring.


Winning entries are automatically added to where they can be publicly viewed in your event’s winning work showcase. Live the moment your awards have been awarded.

Simple Entry Fee Remittance

Iceberg collects your entry fees and taxes on your behalf, organizes your financial statements, and deposits your remittance directly into your bank account.

Judges Love Iceberg

Online Scoring

Progress bars, filters, and an intuitive guided voting system makes evaluating work easy.

Bookmarks and Notes

Bookmark entries you’d like to be able to quickly find later. Leave private notes on entries you can review later.

Really Fast

Iceberg is really fast. You’ll spend less time waiting for media to load and more time judging work.

Responsive Design

Iceberg has a responsive design optimized for touchscreen devices. It’s easy to evaluate work using your ipad at the coffee shop, at home in your pyjamas, or in your pyjamas in the coffee shop.

Live Demo


Contact us at to unlock our live demo. You won’t be contacted by a sales person or added to any lists.


Transparent Pricing

Iceberg Fees

Iceberg charges a fee per finished entry. Icerberg doesn’t have tiers or packages; all of Icerberg’s support, features, and functionality included in one price.

Credit Card Processing

Iceberg charges a percentage rate that covers the cost of processing VISA®, Mastercard®, and American Express® transactions.

Not-for-Profit Discount

Non-profit advertising clubs or otherorganizations are eligible to receive a 20% discount on Iceberg’s setup and entry fees.

Supporting Creativity

Iceberg customers may host additional qualifying events, like student competitions, on the platform with no Iceberg fees. Ask us for more information. Ask us for more information.

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